Reply To: Metal detector analogy of Pleasure


Yes. “Pīḷana” (pronounced as “peelana”) is the Pāli word for distress or hardship. 

  • Pīḷana is connected to assāda or “pleasure.” We can see that also with the following simple example.

Water tastes best when we are thirsty. If one cannot find water and thirst becomes unbearable, that is when water tastes best. Then it is “pleasurable” to drink water.

  • For that person, water tastes best with the first few sips. Once they drink a glass of water, their thirst is quenched, and water does not taste great anymore. After the second glass, it could be hard to drink anymore.
  • The same is true in many other situations. Air conditioning feels good only if one’s body gets hot. If the air-conditioner is turned on in a cold room, that becomes uncomfortable, etc.
  • Our “pleasures” (assāda) arise because of the pīḷana characteristic, which is another facet of the “anicca nature.” The above examples show the “anicca nature” associated with the physical body.
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