Reply To: About SN22.95 Pheṇapiṇḍūpamasutta


Lal said,

As discussed in “The Origin of Matter – Suddhāṭṭhaka” these bhūta have origins in mind, specifically in javana cittaIn summary, that means we live in a world made up by our minds and suffer immensely. That suffering goes away when one fully understands that.



Everything in this world is just different configuration of constantly evolving matter and energy, which are created by just four mind-made fundamental building blocks.

Lal, Is this correct or not?


Another relevant question to this discussion;

#1 Until Arhant phala saññā is defiled.

Due to that, there is a PERCEPTION of things that do not really exist in reality more than a figment of the imagination of the mind, right?

#2 For example, All sounds are just different configurations of four maha bhuta, but some sounds are perceived as pleasant music, some sounds are perceived as praise, some are perceived as noise, some as an insult, etc. right?

The same goes for all sense inputs right? Including Dhamma (with long a).

#3 Beings with ignorance see some configurations (of matter+energy) as good and some as bad, unable to see that anything perceived as good cannot be had without their bad counterpart. Which is of course what Anicca is.