Reply To: Groups to avoid and groups to stay


Just thought to give a little release, since total understandable that good Lal tends to see everywhere enemies. It’s importand to have great ‘love’ toward one’s teacher, and it’s something very praised by the wise.

How ever, if beginning to try to make it to one’s own, try to control how others might approach one’s identification, it get’s burdensome for one. Less are out there having any refuge and are more then jealous if seeing people do not only show devotion toward imaginary Gems.

My person just thought to approach to tell Nyom that it’s total useless, especially as householder, struggle around with others eager to maintain house, stand.

Atma used to ask good householder serial times to simply translate late Bhantes teachings instead of taking on somebody else place. Sure there are some who are capable to gain from it in good ways, at least to maybe follow, even in older age, or with whole family, to seek the homeless life, laying aside all weapons and efforts to hold control other than one’s own qualities of at least the Brahmas.

Seeing forward that Nyom finds ways to let grave fools aside and look after his near, those willing and joyful in approach, and of course also stops to make use of fools shares (how foolish to make use of ‘enemies’ ‘goodness’) which might be the main root of still seeking an anchor on dry land.

Why not translating by oneself for one’s followers?

Maybe a help, since my person thinks that Nyom maybe likes the compassionate way former Bhante Varado tried to translate in ways so that people would not tend to be to much fixated. Before disrobing Bhante gave some translations and dictionary toward the Sangha. Although my person didn’t put them well till yet.





Best wishes and Sila and Metta always before wishing to hold control, hold dear.

Of course Nyom is always, like others here, welcome to make proper use of and when ever inspired to sacrifices time and efforts toward the Sangha, Gems, liberation instead of building another, maintaining a house.

(Samana Johann)