Reply To: Tribals and Hunting


Tribal societies generally go out for animal hunting for their livelihoods moreover ancient humans who had no other option rather than hunting (because of low knowledge), did they all commit bad kamma?


Good householder, Buddhaparisada here,

(taking here leave to replay)

Atma (“me” usual way of monks here to refer to themselves when speaking with not-gone forth, but also found in the Canon as well as a ‘Jain’, say Samana of old, traditional way.) wouldn’t reduce the matter on tribes in a general matter. The are teachings of the Sublime Buddha telling us that humans at good times are merely collector and just because of increasing greed start to organic controlled possession, farming…

Of course, right livelihood is the peak of the Sila-section, and incapacity of abstaining harmful ways doesn’t excuse wrongness, such as killing for a living.

It’s actually a main distinction between animals and humans, that a human being (merely in the sphere of mind) has the capacity of changing lifelihood. Yet there are many who are actually not able. Sure, association is a large factor, yet Upanissaya is the cause of not only food, whether, dwelling but also of people one meets. So to change a certain tribe, by seeing it’s harmfulness, isn’t easy, but just possible, requiring a lot of effort.

The matter of limited freedom to relay on right livelihood is a main reason who the Sublime Buddha gave much effort in establishment of the “para” society: Sangha, open for all willing to be taimed and trained.




(Samana Johann)