Reply To: Goenka´s Vipassana – Part 2


Jorg has revised the document:

True Ānāpānasati & Satipaṭṭhāna (Vipassana) – Version 1.2

  • Please make comments so that the document can be made better. Such efforts help everyone.
  • Thank you for sharing your thoughts and progress, Jorg. 

Also, I thought it would be illuminating to include part of Jorg’s email with this new attachment:

“It’s actually just the introduction that’s (partly) about my own progress. My intention wasn’t even to share my own progress but to make it clear to the reader that, despite the benefits I received from that technique, I left it behind for good. You don’t easily leave behind something good, so it may encourage one to read further.

The rest of the pdf  (98% or so) is just about the dhamma and how inconsistent that technique is, explained through the dhamma, e.g., what the real meaning of Tilakkhana is, what anapana is and why it can’t be breath, what Satipatthana is and why it cannot be observing sensations, prerequisites for a Sotapanna, why PS is essential to understand, etc.
Perhaps the table of contents could give you a better view of it.

The one chapter towards the end, which was part of the discussion, I have reworded it in such a way that it’s clearer for the reader. It’s mostly aimed at the more advanced practitioner of that method due to questions that may still arise among them up until that point. “

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