Reply To: Post on “Saṅkhāra – An Introduction”

Tobias G

Lal, your explanation is very good and helpful. You say:

  • Kammic energy created in the first javana citta can bring vipaka in this life only. But #2 through #6 can bring vipaka in future lives, and #7 can bring vipaka only in the next life.
  • That means javana citta #2 is strong enough to bring vipaka in future lives. But it is NOT ENOUGH to bring a rebirth (called “janaka kamma.”) Thus, kammic energy generated in javana citta #2 with mano sankhara can ONLY bring vipaka DURING A LIFE in future lives, i.e., it cannot give rise to a rebirth.

What is the source of this? Is that described in Abhidhamma Pitaka?