Reply To: Post on “Saṅkhāra – An Introduction”


Lal said,

The working of the mind is a mechanical process. It just responds to external stimuli (sensory inputs) mechanically. The response is according to the gati one has at that time.

Three questions:

#1 Lal, that bold part in above reply is just conventional reality, right?

There is nothing to which that gati belongs to. It is due to defiled gati, mind behaves as if it is entity right?

This is what I was trying to say in bahiya suttā thread. It is due to adding san to sensory experience, “feeling/perception of me/mine” arises. San is there due to vipallāsa.

There is just a mind and a body. Which is connected via kamma viññāṇa.

#2 Mind (flow of cittā; each citta containing seven universal cetasika and other additional cetasika put together by cetanā cetasika) behaves as if it is entity, then it feels that other things belong to that constructed identity/entity, right?

For example, Mind feels/behaves as if it is body or that body truly belongs to it.

Then others things are then perceived as belonging/not-belonging to this constructed identity.

#3 So the feeling that whole is more then parts is ultimately wrong right?

#4 feeling/perception of some PañcakKhanda as being “me” gives rise to feeling/perception about other PañcakKhanda as either “mine/not mine”, correct?

Amadassana thero gives a good example of this phenomenon via example.

Consider feeling of “me” as ground floor of building and other things which are considered to be belonging to ‘me’ i.e. “mine” as floors constructed above that ground floor.

As paññā grows after Sōtapanna, top floor are slowly started to demolished, eventually the foundation of building i.e. ground floor is also permanently demolished at arhant phala.

I don’t recall the sermon right now.