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Lal, Your explanation above is very helpful in understanding the taṇhā and upādāna at cittā level and also I can see the 4NT in above explanation.

I got very clear idea about this process now. Also, reading the recommended posts.

Everyone reading this please read above explanation by Lal. Lal you explained and help connect many dhamma concepts with above description; Including kamma vipakā, kamma generation, 4NT, Akusala PS cycle etc.

Thank you for you efforts to help us all everyday in getting more near to The Nibbāna🙏🏻.

Huge merits and mettā.


Lal said,

Up to the V (votthapana) citta, all cittas are vipaka citta. They only have only mano sankhara.

At the votthapana citta, a decision is made regarding how to respond to the sensory input. If attachment happened (due to one’s gati), then seven javana cittas run to respond accordingly.

1. So, Basically whole dukkhā Samudaya starts at V stage due to mind making wrong decision due to wrong worldview, isn’t it?

Here, Wrong worldview = diṭṭhi/saññā/cittā vipallāsa regarding 11 components of PañcakKhanda.

Wrong decision = Trying to solve problem of dukkhā of saṅsarā within saṅsarā.

2. At Arhant Stage, ALL mano saṅkhāra are free from vipallāsa due to paññā and broken anusaya. So, for Mind with complete paññā, At V stage, there is no attachment to anything in any vipakā cittā, right?

3. All dukkhā starts due to mind not understanding 4NT. When mind tries to escape dukkhā experienced in saṅsarā within saṅsarā only, it is like jumping from one disease to another. That is the whole problem. Nothing in this world leads to permanent escape from dukkhā.

4. Mind creates prison for itself by befriending/Resisting vipakā.


It is really eye opening to see that beings laced with ignorance wears handcuffs on their own.

This whole sentient existence is one big cruel joke.

sadhu! sadhu! sadhu!