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until now, I’ve corresponded tanha to mano sankhara and upadana to vaci and kaya sankhara in my mind.”

That statement is mostly correct. But after upadana step, javana cittas start with mano sankhara and get stronger before transitioning to vaci and kaya sankhara. Hopefully, the following will clarify.

In the post, “Avyākata Paṭicca Samuppāda for Vipāka Viññāṇa” see #15.

Up to the V (votthapana) citta, all cittas are vipaka citta. They only have only mano sankhara.

  • At the votthapana citta, a decision is made regarding how to respond to the sensory input. If attachment happened (due to one’s gati), then seven javana cittas run to respond accordingly.
  • The first two of those javana cittas only have mano sankhara. That means vitakka/vicara have not arisen yet.
  • Abhisankhara accumulation (that can bring vipaka in future lives)  starts with vitakka/vicara in the third javana citta. Then kaya abhisankhara generation is with the fifth javana citta.
  • Thus, vaci and kaya abhisankhara are mostly associated with the javana citta #3 through #5 and weaken in #6 and #7.
  • I just realized something that I need to look into. Kammic energy created in the first javana citta can bring vipaka in this life only. But #2 through #6 can bring vipaka in future lives, and #7 can bring vipaka only in the next life. That means javana citta #2 is strong enough to bring vipaka in future lives. Can that be due to mano sankhara? I will look into that.
  • It is time to rewrite the above post by breaking it into at least two posts. A lot of information needs to be added to make it clear and consistent.
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