Reply To: Goenka´s Vipassana – Part 2


TGS wrote above,

To me this is a very big deal. I don’t know if I’ll ever go into why this so . . . because there’s so many layers to this . . . but thought of sharing the link that relates to this discussion . . . 

I am not sure what you are getting at exactly, but I have little glimpse into this direction. But, Everyone needs to understand that “we receive anything the way we give it”. Someone who gives slavery or ignorance or distortion is bound to receive same. We don’t need to worry about anyone’s actions except our own. Everyone is heir to their kamma.

This what I was contemplating recently.

Spiritual teachers have extremely huge and important responsibilities. They are supposed to teach others about how to break prison of saṅsarā. If they don’t do it properly i.e. teach DISTORTED dhamma (whatever intention might be) they will receive the distorted dhamma in future. Because distorted dhamma is not going to lead anyone (neither teachers nor students) to true absolute unconditional permanent freedom.

In addition this teacher and students who are practicing distorted version of dhamma which doesn’t lead to Nibbāna will be tried to each other with kammic strand. Which will hinder their own Nibbāna.

“Is it really true that by remaining equanimous we can “get rid of or eradicate seeds, thereby leading to no more new fruit?”

I was going to say as well . . . “If that’s the case, then we would’ve all have attained Nibbana many times . . . “

This is something people don’t seem to be understanding.

The natural equanimity to any sensory event can be only achieved through Dhamma.

One can force mind to be equanimous for only so long. Then again one will start to create merits or demerits.

This where many spiritual traditions fail.

They have good description about end goal, but they don’t share any methodology about how to mold mind to permanently behave in the said equanimous way.