Reply To: Goenka´s Vipassana – Part 2


Candana Bhikkhu’s new video ‘Goenka Cult’ vs The Dhamma

I just woke up and came across the thread Lal mentioned, but I’m about to head off to work so I haven’t had the time scrutinize everything in the thread or watch the video’s (which I might later on), but I quickly scanned through the comments and something really really caught my eyes.

“I have also been to the Davos WEF summit. And while I have seen Goenka’s UN talk in 2000
I never knew about Goenka’s WEF Davos involvement.

But now it all makes perfect sense… especially given how Klaus Schwab’s top man, Yuval Noah Harari, is (or was) a Senior AT.
Here you have one of the highest most influential people in the entire World Economic Forum
Yuval Noah Harari, also acting as one of the highest teachers in the Goenka group (cult)
where Harari is “teaching” people meditation as a Senior Assistant Teacher (AT).”

To me this is a very big deal. I don’t know if I’ll ever go into why this so . . . because there’s so many layers to this . . .  but thought of sharing the link that relates to this discussion . . . 

“Is it really true that by remaining equanimous we can “get rid of or eradicate seeds, thereby leading to no more new fruit?”

I was going to say as well . . . “If that’s the case, then we would’ve all have attained Nibbana many times . . . “