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OK. I read #44184 again, and I found I was wrong. There is no issue in the post ““Me” and “Mine” – The Root Cause of Suffering.”

Lal said: “Even though the first two javana citta have mano sankhara (vedana, sanna), those inevitably lead to upadana and kamma generation.”

So, in that context, we can deem the mano kamma can generate kammic energy that leads to kamma vipāka.

About #44182.

First, to prevent unnecessary misunderstanding, I am not saying that Abhidhamma confuses me. Though I wrote, “I think the Abhidhammic explanation gives me more confusion than clarity.” I think the problem arose because I didn’t write it down in more detail. I’m sorry. I am not questioning the effectiveness of Abhidhamma. If we can get a proper explanation, we can appreciate the beauty of Abhidhamma. I am just saying that it has complexity. The problem is giving a proper explanation is really hard.

I am a pragmatic person. If we don’t have to go on a difficult path, and if it’s valid to approach it differently, I think it might be better to go on that path. But it is not the same thing with I’m saying that the difficult road is invalid. My concern is how to say the same thing more simply. And that’s why I choose to build compact dhamma.

At least we can agree on this point: In order to understand the Abhidhamma system, we have to learn many basic blocks(e.g., cetasika, citta vithi, etc.) and put a lot of effort into figuring out the meaning of the system. This whole process is not simple.

I’m a person who likes to solve complicated things. But I also know that not everyone is like me. I wish puredhamma were known more. I hope more people can taste Dhamma, but the explanation (with Abhidhamma) is still challenging for beginners. There is a saying in the East. “No one can climb a three-yard height wall, but a child can climb a two-mile height mountain. Because the slope is gentle.” We don’t have to give up a deeper analysis. What we need is a staircase where beginners can climb step by step. This is what I wanted to say. The Abhidhammic explanation that already exists is sufficient. What we need now is a staircase.<br />
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I think it would be good to start by telling you what it means to learn the worldview. Like this video.