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“Me” and “Mine” – The Root Cause of Suffering

10. There is nothing wrong with recalling past events. The problem arises when we attach to them and start re-creating those events in our minds to generate abhisaṅkhāra.

Kammā (which lead to kamma vipāka) generated in three ways: manō kamma, vaci kamma, and kāya kamma. They are done via manō saṅkhāra, vaci saṅkhāra, and kāya saṅkhāra. See “Sankhāra – What It Really Means.”

Mano kamma (our spontaneous thoughts) arise automatically according to our gati.
Vaci kamma (“talking to ourselves” and speech) arise due to conscious thoughts (done with vitakka/vicāra.)
kāya kamma also arise due to conscious thoughts and have the highest javana power because they involve moving bodily actions; see, “Javana of a Citta – The Root of Mental Power.”

I’m worried that I’m pointing out too small a problem. In context, there is some possibility that mano sankhara could be read as abhisankhara. It’s a minor correction.