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“Mano sankhara never get to the abhisankhara stage.”

OK. I think the Abhidhammic explanation gives me more confusion than clarity. Because it deals with too subtle issues, which are unnecessary to think about to attain maggaphala. Though I am not questioning Abhidhamma’s consistency with the other two Pitaka, it is good to re-consider the necessity of Abhidhammic level explanation. Of course, it gives higher clarity in some parts. But in terms of the whole, it has a counter-effect by disturbing the evenness of the resolution of the big picture. So I carefully suspect we might need to use Occam’s razor. I think I can complete compact dhamma in a day or two now, and I am thinking about how to translate it into English. So we can discuss compact dhamma further concerning Occam’s razor topic soon.

Lal said: “But the post does not say that mano sankhara are abhisankhara. Is that right?”