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I have revised #1 in my previous comment as follows:

1. In that post, abhisankharas do not arise until javana cittas, following the votthapana citta. If the mind is attached to the arammana, then mano sankharas arise in the first two javana citta. Vaci abhisankharas arise in the third and fourth javana cittas, and kaya abhisankharas arise in the fifth javana citta. The javana power weakens in the 6th and weaker in the seventh. 

Mano sankhara never get to the abhisankhara stage. But in a citta vithi, mano sankhara lead to subsequent vaci and kaya abhisankhara.

  • That is because mano sankhara are DEFINED as “vedana and sanna.” Kamma accumulation starts only after the mind CONSCIOUSLY start generating sobhana/asobhana cetasika after the vaci sankhara (vitakka/vicara) stage.
  • Vitakka/vicara means “start deliberating what to do.” Depending on the decision to attach with anger, greed, compassion, etc., different types of cetasika are incorporated by the cetana cetasika. That is the “kamma accumulation” stage leading to abhisankhara.
  • I will elaborate on that in the new upcoming post. 

P.S. Dosakkhayo wrote: “I checked the chart in Icchā (Cravings) Lead to Upādāna and to Eventual Suffering.

It clearly counts all three abhisankhara as upadana.”

  • But the post does not say that mano sankhara are abhisankhara. Is that right?
  • The chart in the post is correct. The “upadana stage” stage starts with the first javana citta and is strengthened through the seventh javana citta. Even though the first two javana citta have mano sankhara (vedana, sanna), those inevitably leads to upadana and kamma generation.
  • These are subtle points.


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