Reply To: Goenka´s Vipassana – Part 2


Thank you for your suggestion, Lal. I will look at it again, make necessary adjustments, and/or perhaps split it up and create clearer matching titles. I explained the actual sankharas elsewhere, so I need to match it accordingly.

I have had mixed experiences regarding the sharing of dhamma to others. Some very positive that I really feel they’re getting close whereas with others I seem to hit a “dead end.” However, even some of the “dead-end cases,” I’ve noticed a few unexpected little moments of silence where something seemed to stick. At least briefly.

However, the other day I realised that I was offered help countless times (in similar ways) throughout samsara and I surely had a strong miccha ditthi. Perhaps I was rude and insulting as well and, shamefully so, who knows what else. I’m extremely grateful for all those moments of help I received, even though they may have seemed to lead absolutely nowhere at those times. I see it as a giant puzzle now. Even if words of pure dhamma seem to completely “miss” their mark, each of them are still a valuable piece of the puzzle. Piece by piece, at some point the puzzle takes shape and it will start to be clear what image is being laid out (getting on the noble path), and one day it will be complete (Arahanthood). We just can’t see how big the puzzle is, how many pieces have been laid so far, and how long it’s going to take until it’s finished.