Reply To: Goenka´s Vipassana – Part 2


But then, why go into great detail to discuss this useless technique? 

  • There are many such useless topics out there.
  • There is no point in analyzing such “meditation techniques” in terms of Buddha Dhamma. There is no rational way to do that. It is like trying to explain an unfounded/erroneous theory using another logical theory.
  • My point is that it is useless to try to explain Goenka’s “sankharas”.  He does not even understand what “sankharas” are! So, why go to all that trouble?
  • To put in another way: Pointing out problems with Goenka’s technique must be done. But that is different from trying to explain his technique. I thought your pdf was about what you have learned to be the true Buddha Dhamma. Or is it that you are uncertain which is the correct one? That is fine too. Then I can handle the discussion from that point of view. I am confused about your intention. May be you can clarify that.

I don’t understand why this popping up of <br/> etc. happens. Don’t worry about them for now. I can remove them easily.