Reply To: Post on “Saṅkhāra – An Introduction”


These are subtle issues. I probably need to rewrite the post “Avyākata Paṭicca Samuppāda for Vipāka Viññāṇa” (or break it into two posts) to further clarify. The following are the main points to keep in mind:

1. In that post, abhisankharas do not arise until javana cittas, following the votthapana citta. If the mind is attached to the arammana, then mano sankharas arise in the first two javana citta. Vaci abhisankharas arise in the third and fourth javana cittas, and kaya abhisankharas arise in the fifth javana citta. The javana power weakens in the 6th and weaker in the seventh. 

2. However, the sankharas that arise in the previous cittas are not pure (unless one is an Arahant), even though they are not abhisankharas. That is because mano sankhara are defined as “vedana and sanna” and unless one is an Arahant one has “sanna vipallasa.” 

Let me know if there are still some contradictions left.