Reply To: Goenka´s Vipassana – Part 2


Jorg wrote: “The reason why I wrote that last section was to try and offer an explanation what this physical phenomenon, that is described as “sankhara,” is. It’s basically the backbone of the tradition.”


“My intention for the chapter Lal speaks of (p.82) is to explain in this phenomenon with the help of Buddha Dhamma.”

1. I am not sure what the benefit is in explaining the “physical phenomena” felt by a Goenka practitioner with Buddha Dhamma.

  • As I have explained before, the tranquility felt in the body can be explained without any deep concepts in Buddha Dhamma. See, for example, the following video. It is a long video:

How Meditation Works & Science-Based Effective Meditations

2. It seems that Mr. Goenka does not understand what is meant by “sankhara.”

  • If you have a (preferably short) video on his description of “sankhara,” please post it so that we can get an idea of what he really means. I think that would be a better approach.
  • It would be waste of time to discuss “sankhara” if his idea of “sankhara” has nothing to do with Buddha Dhamma.