Reply To: About SN22.95 Pheṇapiṇḍūpamasutta


“He explained that “saṅkhāra are like banana tree wood because just as banana tree has no strong heart wood, all akusala saṅkhāra have no essence or value. They don’t lead to anything useful or fruitful.”

Yes. That is easy to see.

  • We do kamma with (abhi)saṅkhāra with high expectations because of avijjā: “avijjā paccayā saṅkhāra.”
  • However, that leads only to “ jāti paccayā jarā, marana, soka-paridēva-dukkha-dōmanassupāyasā sambhavan’ti” or “only to eventual suffering.”
  • In the process, we are subjected to three types of suffering:”saṅkhāra dukkha, dukkha dukkha, and viparināma dukkha. “Introduction -2 – The Three Categories of Suffering