Reply To: Limited view through enslavement by Gati.


Thank you Lal for bringing the knowledge of Waharaka Thēro and your talent and understanding of Māgadh Pakrit/Pali translation into our lives.


Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu…


Yes, however much we admire the Lal’s work, it is never going to be sufficient.

Thanks to him we are all going to be able to stop whole saṅsarā from arising for ourselves and put away the slavery to conditionality.

There is no way to pay back debt owed to Lal except sharing dhamma with other interested truth seekers. Helping others understand dhamma. 

His hard work of years, precise language, modern scientific evidence, strictly following research methodology of modern science and ensuring consistency of posts among three pitaka etc.

And above all, always being open to evidence.

That is very critical for those who are interested finding out final truths, making progress on path, developing paññā. There is no progress through faith alone or being close minded or fooling your mind.

May Lal have long life and short saṃsāric journey ☸️.

p.s. I am so happy and glad to see many practitioner of PureDhamma community helping others in so many ways. Whether that is by sharing dhamma, translating it, sharing sermons, commenting good insights etc.

Let’s all keep doing the huge merits, create enviornment to manifest everything that is Kusala, puñña in this world and let the flow of pristine dhamma rain on all beings and wash their kilēsa and cool down tapa from their mind.

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