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I only took a glance and then started reading “The Mind Processes” on p. 11; Jorg especially requested comments on this.

1. First, I am glad to see that Jorg has gained a good understanding. Some gaps need to be filled in. 

  • I think it is a good idea for everyone to read it and make comments/ ask questions. That is the best way to make progress.

2. On p. 11, the Figure is excellent. It visualizes the underlying process of “seeing an object.”

  • The paragraph: “For example, your eyes make contact with a tree. It sends the “image” via electrical
    signals to the brain (the visual cortex). The brain then sends a suitable form (rupa) to the pasāda
    rupa. Then the pasāda rupa makes contact with the mind base (hadaya vatthu). This contact
    results in vibration. This vibration leads to the arising of thought, feelings, and consciousness” may be written as follows:
  • “For example, your eyes make contact with a tree. The eyes send the “image” via electrical signals to the brain (the visual cortex). The brain processes that signal to a form that the mind can understand.  That signal is transmitted to the cakkhu pasada rupa via the “fine body” of the gandhabba which is spread throughout the physical body. The cakkhu pasāda rupa contacts the mind base (hadaya vatthu), which results in the vibration of the hadaya vatthu 17 times, resulting in a citta vithi with 17 cittas. Cakkhu vinnana (CV) arises in the fourth citta of that citta vithi; see #3 of “Citta Vīthi – Processing of Sense Inputs.”

3. The second Figure is a good visual representation of 17 cittas arising in succession. 

  • Note that all cittas arise in the MIND. Cakkhu vinnana (CV) has that name because the cakkhu pasada rupa gives rise to it. But that citta also arises in mind.
  • Then the mind goes through more cittas with other functions. 
  • Further down in the text, Jorg describes “Tiṇṇaṁ saṅgati phasso.” That happens at the fifth citta, Sampaticchana (Receiving consciousness) in that citta vithi of 17 cittas. That is followed by the Santīrana (Investigating consciousness) citta, and then the  Vottapana (Determining consciousness) arises.
  • At the votthapana (V) citta, the mind decides on the appropriate action for that sensory input. Then those actions are launched with the subsequent seven javana citta. See the above-referenced post.

I will stop here for now. We can discuss any questions anyone may have regarding the above description.

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