Reply To: What should I do to attain Paṭisambhidā Ñāna?


1. Paṭisambhidā Ñāna is a special status attained by very few Arahants.  It encompasses four components:

(i) attha paṭisambhidā ñāṇa, (ii) dhamma paṭisambhidā ñāṇa, (iii) nirutti paṭisambhidā ñāṇa, (iv) paṭibhāna paṭisambhidā ñāṇa

It is described in “Paṭisambhidāmagga” (a Tipitaka Commentary): “Paṭisambhidāñāṇa niddesa.”

  • Many other concepts require priority, and knowing what it means is not critical. That is why I have not got around to writing a post on it.

2. It may be cultivated, but usually, very few will have all four types to a high level. One must be an Arahant too.

3. Someone with that ñāṇa has a complete understanding of (i) what is attha/anattha: “Attha Sutta (AN 10.181),” (ii) what are dhamma/adhamma: “Dhamma Sutta (AN 10. 138)“, (iii) pada nirutti (how meanings of keywords come about, and (iv) can fully explain concepts in detail with examples, analogies, etc.

  • Someone coming close to that status in recent times would be Waharaka Thero.
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