Reply To: Potential problems of merit sharing?


Thank you, Lal.

Unfortunately, according to the translation, that does not fully tally.

Please refer to the linked segment below 9:45 it goes:

Question: Venerable Sir, can we wish for the micca dittika to be free from their micca ditti by transferring the merits for that purpose?

Waharake Thero: No, they won’t ever renounce their micca ditti that easily. We’d have to transfer the merits to those who are samma dittika. If there’s any category of micca dittika amanussa, we might be wishing for them to be samma dittika and to have a fortunate rebirth. We might be doing that as it is our duty to do so, but the Micca dittika amanussa wouldn’t ever be samma dittika that easily.”

If there’s an inconsistency in the translation please share.

After that segment follow a few segments speaking about punyanu modanawa ( = merit sharing?) and Waharaka Thero’s own experience but there appear to be a few unintended contradictions in the translation, so I’m not completely clear on those segments (which run until just after the 12 min. mark).