Reply To: Most Important Basics


TGS wrote: “Without going into further details, a Sotapanna would know yoniso manasikara. “

  • Yes. This is the same as what I wrote in #2 in my comment above: “That means understanding Paticca Samuppada (PS), which explains how one’s actions/mindset leads to different rebirths.” That is why yoniso manasikara is one of the four conditions for attaining the Sotapanna stage.
  • If one can understand the implications, one can start seeing why it is unfruitful/dangerous to seek sensual pleasures. The first step there is to see the dangers of engaging in immoral deeds seeking sensual pleasures, i.e.,  generating apunna abhisankhara (“avijja paccaya sankhara.“) That is when one starts seeing the anicca nature (and that it leads to dukkha and anatta.)

Dipobhasaddhamma: You seem to be on the Noble Path based on what you wrote. Of course, no one can vouch for anyone else’s attainments. 

  • Once one gets to the Anagami stage, there will be no doubts because no lustful thoughts can arise regardless of how strong a sensory input (arammana) is.