Reply To: Dovacassatāsutta AN 6.115


On a technical note:
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Thank you for the added clarification. <br />
It’s unfortunate kalyāṇamitta and sappurisasaṁseva get translated as “good” friends. <br />
It’s obvious that merely a “good” friend cannot get one on the noble path. <br />
Plenty of suttā mention one cannot practice Ānāpānassati/satipaṭṭhānā  without kalyāṇamitta/sappurisasaṁseva, e.g.,  tanhāsutta AN 10.62, Avijjāsutta AN 10.61, and Sambodhisutta AN 9.1. Needless to say, the average person can practice and come up with breath meditation themselves. <br />
<br />
Lal, regarding Ānāpānassati, have you considered writing a post on all of the 16 instructions? (I know you’ve discussed a few lines in some of the posts).<br />
“Dīghaṁ  assasanto ‘dīghaṁ assasāmī’ti pajānāti, dīghaṁ  passasanto ‘dīghaṁ passasāmī’ti pajānāti.”<br />
to<br />
“Paṭinissaggānupassī assasissāmī’ti sikkhati, ‘paṭinissaggānupassī passasissāmī’ti sikkhati.”

Since these represent satipaṭṭhānā (kayānupassana/vedanānupassana/cittānupassana/dhammānupassana), it would be a great addition to the whole series. And it would offer the opportunity to explain what those mean, as explained in the commentary Ānāpānasatikathā.