Reply To: Discourse 2 – Icca, Nicca, Anicca



You say anicca = Na+icca… But you never say how nicca word is prepared. what does ‘n’ sounds and means before icca in the nicca?

I liked your interpretation of iccha =strong icca. but to keep sync with other words I had found other more appropriate word …

icca = expectation.. where as iccha =tanha+icca.

when I push switch , it is expected that the fan will start. thats icca. and the intention to start fan is iccha.

nicca = as expected.

anicca = as not expected.

paticca =pati+icca = cause/root of  expectation..

I am sorry if this does not make sense to you. but for now  it makes sense to me untill I find more information. Thankyou.


One more thing, in hindi I found a better word which rhyms with nicca.i.e “नीश्चीत”/nischit.. that means expected. 

I also found the usage of hindi word नीत्य।  is mostly used to denote routine activities. as in नीत्यक्रम। to denote brushing teeth, taking bath etc.