Reply To: Paṭisambhidāmagga 1.3: Ānāpānassatikathā


The second reference is better, and gives the basic idea:

Lokoti—khandhaloko, dhātuloko, āyatanaloko, vipattibhavaloko, vipattisambhavaloko, sampattibhavaloko, sampattisambhavaloko.”

It identifies several ways the Buddha characterized “the world of 31 realms.”

khandhaloko – five aggregates

dhātuloko – six dhātus (pathavi, āpo, tejo, vāyo, ākasa, vinnāna)

āyatanaloko – 12 āyatana (six internal, six external)

P.S. (one hour later) I revised the following:

vipattibhavaloko – the four lowest realms (apāya) arising due to bad kamma vipāka (vipatti)

vipattisambhavaloko – realms where apāyagāmi deeds are done (mostly the human realm)

sampattibhavaloko – the higher 27 realms (sugati) arising due to good kamma vipāka (sampatti)

sampattisambhavaloko –realms where sugatigāmi deeds are done (mostly the human realm)


Thank you for taking the time to use the correct formatting. It helps me and also others to point the link to 

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  • It is easy to do: The following is the link with markers (with Pali and English side-by-side) for SN 22.21:
  • Ānanda Sutta (SN 22.21)
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