Reply To: Dovacassatāsutta AN 6.115


Jorg asked: “However, why use this specific term vikkhepa?”
Why not? Vikkhepa DOES mean “confusion.”

Jorg: “Another reason is that one might still interpret anapanassati as mindfulness of breathing if one takes vikkhepa as “distracted,” so I was looking for some details from that perspective as well.”

– One is distracted if confused.
The main problem is that people are trying very hard to justify their addiction to “breath meditation.” Once, a moderator at Dhamma Wheel became upset with me. He wrote something like, “I have practiced breath meditation for 30 years. How can you tell me it does not work?”
– It is possible to be on the wrong path for billions of years, not just a mere 30 years! Until one learns the Ānāpānasati taught by a Buddha, one will never be able to know what it is and practice it.
– Of course, one can get “peace of mind” by practicing breath meditation or other mundane kasina meditations. That can lead to anariya jhana and even abhinna powers if one stays away from sensual pleasures. Devadatta did precisely that and attained abhinna powers. But he ended up in an apaya.

Please read the post, “Ānāpānasati – Overview” carefully and let me know if there is ANY wiggle room to justify Ānāpānasati as “breath meditation.”
– I just revised that post a bit more.
– I would be happy to discuss that post with anyone anywhere. That is the only way to settle this issue once and for all.