Reply To: Is Competition Greed?


Achieving “big things” depends on one’s state of mind.
– The state of mind of a Noble Person is different from that of an average human.
– “Big things” for an average person is to achieve “worldly things” like wealth and physical beauty.
– But “big things” for an Ariya are the stages of magga phala.

For example, ‘Alexander the Great” is hailed a hero among average humans. He won many battles and conquered many countries.
But he attained nothing of value in the end because he died without making any spiritual progress. Because of the countless lives he destroyed, he is probably born in a lower realm.
– On the other hand, our Bodhisatta gave up his princely life and attained Buddhahood.

However, one should not go to extremes either in interpreting the above.
– For example, one must take care of one’s physical body by exercising regularly and eating well. That helps avoid getting sick and also maintains a healthy brain. Those are important to be able to follow the Noble Path and get to magga phala.

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