Reply To: Jhana and Samapatti


TGS wrote: “My answer to my question #1. is that there are no 1st, 2nd, 3rd jhana samapatti. If there are no jhana samapatti from 1st to 3rd jhana, than my question #2. is invalid. How did I arrive to such conclusions?

This is something I’m not totally sure about, but thought to bring it up for scrutiny and advice….”

There is a samapatti corresponding to any given jhana.
– I have given the definition of a samapatti. It is when jhanic citta vithi runs continuously without “falling back” to kamavacara citta vithi. One is fully absorbed in the jhana. That is the definition of jhana samapatti.

That also applies to a phala samapatti. The phala citta runs continuously without falling back. Mind is fully absorbed there without falling back to be aware of the external world.