Reply To: AN 10.7 Sariputta Sutta



So glad that I mentioned about this subject / sutta. I learned that I didn’t understand the sutta mentioned properly and could’ve continued to error without the explanation that was just given. The answer was blindsiding to me.

I’ll borrow material to add to this line: “Ven. Saripuatta was in Arahant phala samadhi! There only pure, undefiled citta (pabhassara citta) would arise.”

“Nibbānā is the thought object made contact with phassa cētasika, and vēdana and saññā are based on that (we have no idea about that)”

I was wondering what is this “Nibbana” thought object making contact with the phassa cetasika? I looked through an older forum thread “Difference between Arahant Phala Samapatti and Nirodha Samapatti. I saw the mention of asankata dhatu and nibbana dhatu (I was thinking nibbana dhatu) as being the possible thought object making contact with the phassa cetasika, but I’m not certain.

Regardless this was a beneficial learning experience for me.