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Lal said above,

Yes. I hope to write at least double what I have written so far.

Yes, great to know, Lal.

They include both Sutta Pitaka and Abhidhamma. Also, I am constantly learning new ways of looking at concepts.

Me too, Lal. It is profound experience, seeing the absolutely 100% consistency of dhamma.

By the way, if you have not read the series on “Origin of Life” you should read it. It explains why there can be no beginning to life.

Yes, I have studied that section three or four times so far.

Many such interrelated issues can be explained so that people would not be distracted by such matters. That will build faith in Buddha Dhamma and allow one to focus on the main goal: “stop future suffering in the rebirth process.”

Yes, I have gut feelings that actually all the important questions about life, existence, meaning, whether those questions are abstract or concrete, all can be answered by dhamma. One needs to just look and one will find the answers to those questions.


I have a sincere request for you, If you can I request you to Please pen down your journey of learning dhamma. I know few bits of it from reading posts and forum comments on websites.

(I have read “about” section, post on “parinibbana of Waharaka thero” and few forum comments and posts where you have shared some details on this matter.)

But, still it is good idea. It will be inspiring to many people including me. If you can share with all, How you came to learn so much and especially, what are your study/research methodology for independent learning.

In one way, positive feedback loop is permanently established at moment of first magga phala, then onwards it is only going up (in understanding dhamma).

I think having skill in dhamma learning and helping others with it is, highest level of possible altruism in my opinion. Because, all other help, other than help through dhamma pales completely in comparison. Your ideas, thoughts and advice has helped many and will help many to become skilled in it.