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Yes. I hope to write at least double what I have written so far.
– They include both Sutta Pitaka and Abhidhamma. Also, I am constantly learning new ways of looking at concepts.

Compare that to what the Buddha told bhikkhus in the “Sīsapāvana Sutta (SN 56.31)
“The Buddha took up a few siṁsapa leaves in his hand and addressed the bhikkhus thus: “What do you think, bhikkhus, which is more numerous: these few siṁsapa leaves that I have taken up in my hand or those in the siṁsapa grove overhead?”
“So too, bhikkhus, the things I have directly known but have not taught you are numerous, while the things I have taught you are few. And why, bhikkhus, have I not taught those many things? Because they are not beneficial and irrelevant to attaining Nibbāna. Therefore I have not taught them.”
– But what I need to write down will be beneficial, even though I may have grasped only a fraction of what the Buddha taught.

– By the way, if you have not read the series on “Origin of Life” you should read it. It explains why there can be no beginning to life.
– Some people worry about whether artificial intelligence (AI) is possible. It is not. All life in the universe has been there from a “beginningless time.” It is not possible to create a brand-new life. While there is an unbroken “dynamic lifestream,” no soul is traveling the samsara (rebirth process): “What Reincarnates? – Concept of a Lifestream.”
– Even if an infinite number of beings attain Nibbana, there will always be an infinite number of them left. Scientists have also confirmed the existence of “levels of infinities”: “The Infinity Problem in Buddhism
– Many such interrelated issues can be explained so that people would not be distracted by such matters. That will build faith in Buddha Dhamma and allow one to focus on the main goal: “stop future suffering in the rebirth process.”
– So, I intend to build on the series on the “Origin of Life,” too.

P.S. Even if something happens to me and this website becomes non-operational, the “puredhamma Netify App” developed by Seng Kiat can last for many years. It does not require a website: “Pure Dhamma: A Quest to Recover Buddha’s True Teachings.”
– Also see “Pure Dhamma Essays in Book Format
– Much merit to Seng Kiat and his family for his ongoing efforts!