Reply To: YouTube Video: “I did the double slit experiment at home”


Greetings to Lal and other dhamma friends!

Lal said,

It has taken me over eight years to assemble the posts on the website. But there is much more, depending on how deep I want to go.


Lal, I am really happy to read above statement.

#1 Can you share some concepts which you have not been able to share so far on website due to time constraints and you think are good to know and understand? (Concepts Outside complex abhidhamma details.)

#2 Also, Let’s say someone hypothetically studies this website completely and understands dhamma to extent it is explained and shared on website, what should be the next steps for his/her learning journey in dhamma? (Especially people unfamiliar with sinhala language.)

You don’t need to answer this question right now, but, I wholeheartedly request you to share some advice on this topic from your own experience of learning dhamma throughout the years.