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Tobi asked: “Only the Buddha Dhamma brings us to Nibbana, all other theories are just crutches. That includes point 3 as well.
“Manōpubbangamā Dhammā..” is in this context and also on the page dhammā…..with ā not lowercase?”

Yes. Two meanings.
– Dhamma (with uppercase D and no long “a”) refers to teaching. Buddha Dhamma means “teachings of the Buddha.’
– Dhammā (with a long “a” and normally lowercase d) refers to “things that bear/sustain worldly things.” That is what comes in the phrase “Manōpubbangamā Dhammā” since everything in this arises with the mind as the precursor. See “The Origin of Matter – Suddhāṭṭhaka” and “What are Dhammā? – A Deeper Analysis.” These are a bit deeper discussions and may require understanding fundamental concepts in Buddha Dhamma.