Reply To: YouTube Video: “I did the double slit experiment at home”


Hello Lal,

Thank you for your analysis, great and correct as always.
I guess I have a distorted Saññā there.
I’ll work on that.

to point 1: The Burkhard Heim theory is correct physics and should only be seen as that, only better than school science.
Only the Buddha Dhamma brings us to Nibbana, all other theories are just crutches. That includes point 3 as well.
Manōpubbangamā Dhammā..
is in this context and also on the page dhammā…..with ā not lowercase?

to Point 2: I think my bad English is a bit to blame and writing always leaves room between the lines.
I also described a material universe that arises but then doesn’t completely cease and again arises an infinite loop.
Our own mind will always place us in the center of the universe and we will never see an end of the universe, not even with larger telescopes.

Thank you again for taking the time to help me in advance.
I could well use a sangha that knows puredhamma or better an ahrant to help me apply the noble eightfold path to eliminate my gati.
Unfortunately, there is no such noble thing in our country or I am not aware of it. So thank you Waharaka Abhyaratanalankara Thēro and also Lal that we having you!

sadhu, sadhu, sadhu