Reply To: YouTube Video: “I did the double slit experiment at home”


Thank you, Tobi.

I watched the video “6 Dimensions in Color.” I also glanced through the document that you emailed me. In the following I will list the major contradictions of this theory with Buddha Dhamma.

1. This theory also tries to DERIVE mental aspects. The higher two dimensions are attributed to the mind in a subtle way, but it is abstract. In Buddha Dhamma, one starts with the mind: “Manōpubbangamā Dhammā..
– In other, more mainstream scientific proposals, mental aspects are attributed to the brain. This theory is different, but it also does not give the predominant role to the mind but tries to DERIVE it in a subtle abstract way.

2. In the write-up you sent me, you gave NUMBERS to represent the universe’s size and lifetime.
– In Buddha Dhamma, both are infinite. It is impossible to derive such numbers.
– If the principle of causality is true (the basis of Buddha Dhamma AND modern science), one cannot trace a “beginning to sentient life” and hence to the universe.
– As modern science has illustrated, the boundaries of space are limited only by technology. The most recent telescope can look deeper into space, but that is not a limit.

3. It is fruitless to try accommodating this theory — or any other theory — to Buddha Dhamma.
– There is no need to do that since Buddha Dhamma is self-consistent. See “Buddha Dhamma: Non-Perceivability and Self-Consistency” No other theory can provide any more insight than what is already there in Buddha Dhamma.
– All such efforts are just a waste of time. Such efforts will only take precious time away from pursuing Nibbana: “Nibbāna “Exists”, but Not in This World