Reply To: YouTube Video: “I did the double slit experiment at home”

Tobi-Wan Kenobi

Hello Lal.

My interest is also more in the pure Dhamma. I was already out with my knowledge before that and confronted Hannes Schmid from 6 Dimensions in Color with your question and he said:
Yes. The principle of causality must also be reassessed: it has to recede the more highly organized the matter is. So, paradoxically, it may be true at the micro level, but not for more complex structures

6 Dimension in Color
and I agree with that

I would assume that the basis of everything is a spirit, everything consists of the encompassing spirit. From the cell, atom, suddhāṭṭhaka down to the smallest unit of the rupa and even the energies.
Our world with its 31 realms is embedded in mind, also known as the clear light, whatever that is. Nibbāna maybe?
Now to the mechanism that comes from x5 and interacting with x6.
So responsible x5 seat of our consciousness embedded in the Infinite Invisible Consciousness and the docking points for our data storage Gati, Namaloka, Rūpakkhandha etc. and x6 the Hadaya Vatthu seat of our mind.

The two together Consciousness (Viññāṇa) and Spirit (Hadaya Vatthu) create a state of mind with the well-known mechanisms Rupa, Citta, Cetasika, Gati. I would describe this state of mind as probability.
A unicellular organism is very likely in our world, an atom even more so, humans are rare and a Buddha even rarer. We all know the story about the turtle and the ring.

So this attitude of mind, like the mechanism with the spin, creates a similar image, a structure (this image/structure consists of kamma energies) like that of the four realms, apayas, kama loka, rupa loka and arupa loka, so that we without time Delay appear in the appropriate loka/room.

The key is the mindset. So the composition of the energies behind it (e.g. Kama energy), what happens to us in the cuti and patisandhi moment and to which stream, area we attach ourselves.

That’s how I understand it.

PS Briefly on structure: Structure is an organizational principle. In my example, a Din A4 sheet has the structure 1 and if I fold this sheet of paper into a paper airplane,
It gets a higher structure. Let’s say 10 and each intermediate step from sheet to
Paper airplane thus has the next higher level. So also a direction that is irreversible.