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Tobi wrote: “The Burkhard Heim page can be changed from German to English”

Thanks. I took a quick look at it. I did not see a post specifically on the double-slit experiment.
– Anyway, I got the impression that his model is not good either.

I am not specifically interested in these explanations. But the conclusion of these experiments is that nature is “non-local,” meaning far apart events (even separated by across a galaxy) can be correlated. They can influence each other instantaneously! Meaning such events are not limited by the speed of light, as Einstein envisioned.
– The recent Nobel prize award was for the confirmation of that “non-locality.”

My interest is that it is the exact mechanism under which the laws of kamma operate! When a human dies (cuti) on Earth’s surface and grasps a Deva existence (patisandhi), a Deva appears in the corresponding Deva realm instantaneously. There is no time delay
Cuti and patisandhi are only apart by less than a billionth of a second (time between two consecutive cittas.)

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