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Hello Lal….. here is the interpretation that I think is good.
I hope this is translated well by me?

It is always crucial how we interpret the world or a formula

So the double-slit experiment is seen in the world as it is, only people interpret it wrongly or differently. There are many interpretations such as “The Copenhagen Interpretation. It has neither. With the wave-particle dualism still to do with consciousness? That the photon behaves like this.
A photon has the nature of a probability wave. And has hardly any mass. Therefore, a photon is in a 6 dimensional world. As Burkhard Heim describes it. Not present in space as it is present in the transcoordinate ( x4) x5 and x6. As a result, the photon lacks structure in space. The electron absorbs the energy of the photon when it hits the slit and since they both have wave characteristics, they are superimposed in this experiment. The particle character occurs when energy is transferred to spatial components. This is always the case, for example, when an electron emits a photon or recombines with one at the moment of interaction to form a particle, because it releases or transfers its energy at a specific location. But it is and has a wave character to the end.

At the slit, the electron interacts with the material (of the slit) in a way that it does not spatially transfer energy, but where only the wave character is superimposed and this creates two probability waves behind the double slit. Those electrons that spatially interact with the material of the gap repel each other and are no longer registered anywhere. The disappearances from the experiment. If I now observe my electron by forcing it to emit a photon at the moment of passage through the double slit, then the particle wave is set to reset, so to speak. Because a spatial interaction takes place here. Then, viewed from the specific slit, it propagates as a particle wave, as a new material wave in the direction of the screen. And that just appears as a blob on the screen.
The wave character of quantum mechanical objects is a purely transcendent temporal property and an interaction of transcendent temporal terms of my quantum mechanical objects.

6 dimensional world by Burkhard Heim

x1 to x3 = The lengths/or Space

x4 = Time

from here it starts———————————transcendence

x5 = structure

x6 = The will or the target dynamics