Reply To: Discourse 1 – Nicca, Sukha, Atta


Lal said,

Any dukha or sukha felt in the current life is due to “panca upadana khandha” in previous lives. In that analogy, “poison was consumed” in a previous life, and one now reaps the results (vipaka).

Excellent Angle, Lal. Got it.

So, future suffering should be discriminated on two basis.

#1 possible future suffering within same jati.
#2 Future Suffering in future jati.

In addition differentiating with respect to dukkhā and dukha.

Dukkhā = all suffering (mental or physical) in case #2 + mental Suffering in case #1

Dukha = all physical suffering in case #1.

So, Human Arhant removed dukkhā, not dukha. Cause of that remaining dukha is in past.