Reply To: Discourse 1 – Nicca, Sukha, Atta


Lal you said,

Above in #14122 that,

Pancakkhandha is like a bottle of poison sitting on a table. One gets into trouble only if one takes it and drinks from it (panca upadanakkhandha).

I think that drinking analogy is valid for realms above human realms.

But, in human realm,
Poison bottle is also leaking out the toxic fumes, if one gets near to bottle (attaching) one will suffer much more. But, even if one has saupdisesa nibbanā, one will suffer by just toxic fumes leaking from bottle until anupdisesa nibbanā.

Because, even Arhant has to engage in saṅkhāra dukkhā (hunger etc.) and he will also have vipakā dukha vēdanā until physical death. But, ofcourse he doesn’t suffers from anything at all in world in mind.



Another interesting insight is that is only because Gandhabba is kammicaly trapped in human body, that when three types of buddha removes PañcaUpādānaKhandha, they are also able to guide others to it, without instantly attaining parinibbana, isn’t it?

Otherwise, Suffering of this universe would rise exponentially. Because, each would have to attain nibbanā on his own, with much lengthier saṁsāric journey filled with dukkhā.Because, no-one who has attained nibbanā is around to guide anyone due to attaining parinibbana.