Reply To: Approach to Dhamma


I’ve already taught my friend the way(General Form Explanation) for almost three years. I have been interested in becoming a good teacher even before I met Dhamma. In particular, during a year when I taught Pure Dhamma, he developed dramatically. So it is reliable up to a point, at least for me. What I need is more empirical data on it. So let us take a long-term view of it. I want to prepare it by engaging mainly in the Korean PD community.

– Anyway, to apply GFE here, I must express what I think in English, so I need to get used to English. I didn’t feel the need for English until I met Pure Dhamma, so I’m used to thinking in the way of the Korean language. When writing, I feel uncomfortable because I can’t express it well in English compared to my actual ability. Jorg said he could help me. So I am looking for a topic that can help with English composition.

– While refining the GFE, the description’s overall structure continues to change better. So I can’t give you a detailed explanation until I enter the completion stage to some extent. I’m spending a lot of energy thinking about it. I was devastated by how little I knew. So I’m reading ethics books (Eudemian Ethics and Nicomachean ethics) in Korean because I want to find out which method of explanation is the best. I know I don’t need to learn moral laws other than Buddha Dhamma. I’m just seeking a better way to explain it.

But I know all I can do is do as much as I can. The more Pure Dhamma becomes known, the more Sotapannas who can help me will appear in the future. I’m trying to do what I can with trust in them.

+) If I write using Obsidian, I don’t have to think about what to say first. It just came to my mind. I can’t believe the answer was just around the corner, and I haven’t seen it so far.