Reply To: Vipassana Meditation After Sotapanna Stage


@Yash RS.

Another aspect involved here is,
To completely give up kama, either of two things are highly useful.

One is jhanas. Pleasure more refined then pleasures of five senses.

If not, then high paññā is needed, so, that even if one does not have jhanas, one could be free from kama through contemplation of their drawbacks/adīnava.

Another way here could be putting forth efforts to suppress it (this could be useful if one is ariya already.)

Yash RS, said above,

Also Lal mentioned “At the end of the “Mahāsatipaṭṭhāna Sutta (DN 22)” the Buddha promised that one would attain at least the Anagami stage in two weeks if one practiced it incessantly;”
So what exactly should be done, Lal.
I mean can you provide a structure from where should one start from to attain the stage within a fortnight

I have also read such things few times on this forum,

What kind of all out effort this is, Lal?

Can you please explain in brief.