Reply To: Vipassana Meditation After Sotapanna Stage


Hi @Yash RS.

Recently I had little breakthrough on the subject.

We try to escape from dukkhā using sensuality of five senses, of different forms and shapes.

BUT, because all this experiences are unsatisfactory, when we pursue them, it is like pursuing Mirage.

(Trying to achieve something which is not there. This is hard to see, but, think about this matter yourself, if kama gave complete satisfaction, would you ever need to pursue them ever again?)

Sensuality is very intricate trap.

Beings are caught in it because of momentary pleasure. BUT, sensuality is like hamster wheel.

The chase will never end.

No doubt they provide very momentary escape from dukkhā of any type of existence.

BUT, that is what is exactly wrong with it.

They provide momentary relief from dukkhā.

But, because they make you dissatisfied in immediate future, you again have to chase it.

There is no end to it.

No matter how much water you put into box, it won’t be fulfilled, box has permanent unfixable hole at bottom. (Box is insatiable senses.)


Some deep conclusions:

It is not just momentary dukha vēdanā, whole existence is filled with DUKKHĀ.

All Dukkhā is symptom of jati.

Thing about symptoms is that you have to keep taking medicine in order to keep them away, but, if you stop taking medicine for while, they will come back.

On the other hand, if you cure disease, all symptoms will disappear on their own in some time.

Jati is disease.

Dukkhā of saṁsāra cannot be eliminated with anything of saṁsāra.

About sensuality,

All one has to do is make sure 100% that one is sottapana, everything else is bound to happen automatically. Not saying we stop putting forth any further efforts.

But, what sottapana has seen is impossible to not see, he knows deep down all of above.

Sensuality is bound to fall away like leaf, even though it might be hard.

I have personally seen much reduction in sensual urges.

It is possible to be free from them, because they are not completely satisfactory, if they were completely satisfactory, we could not escape it and there would be no reason to do so, but, because they are not completely satisfactory and Drawbacks are apparant, escape is possible.