Reply To: Post on “Mahārāhulovāda Sutta and Ānāpānasati”


Thank you, Lal. This is profound!

When these words are translated into another language, such as my native language of the equivalent of earth, water, fire, air, it gives the impression of very distinct entities from mind.

Yet, there is an intimate connection between “matter” and mind (rupa and nama), fueling each other:

We know that cittā (with their accompanying cetasikā) come from the vibration of hadaya vatthu (which is rupa), and that vibration (in javana cittā), in turns, create rupa based on lobha, dosa, moha, alobha, adosa, amoha.

So, that’s why lobha, dosa, moha, alobha, adosa, amoha are the six root causes.

Let’s say we look at an arahant “at this level”. The six root causes are no more, so there is no fuel for another hadaya vatthu when the current hadaya vatthu perishes.