Reply To: About books by bhikku Katukurunde Nanananda


Lal, Have you read the treatise in original sinhala language?

I think it might have less errors, as during English translation due to lack of precise lexicon, approximate incomplete meanings are given to various words in sinhala.

Also, “yoniso manisikara” translated as “radical attention”.

This is quotations from English translation of “law of dependent arising” digital library edition, page. 49,

Whatever pertains to the ‘abhisaṅkhata-viññāṇa’ comes to cease in that all lustrous consciousness (sabbatopabha-viññāṇa). When light comes from all directions, consciousness becomes non-manifestative (‘viññāṇaṁ anidassanaṁ anantaṁ sabbatopabhaṁ’).

On page 48, in same book there is mention of ‘abhisaṅkhata-viññāṇa’

All in all I want to say that this book is heavily cited with Pali tipitaka, everything author says is backed up with sutta reference.

But, It is very difficult to understand what author wants to communicate.

I will keep commenting on book as I progress.