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Yes. Understanding “namarupa formation” is the most critical issue.

1. That is how one starts with “nama dhamma” (vedana, sanna, sankhara, and vipaka vinnana) and CREATES future rupa: First, “namarupa” arise in mind in javana citta (with expectations for some worldly asset/activity in kamma vinnana) and then “condensed” with the repeated generation of javana citta in the “tanha paccaya upadana” and “upadana paccaya bhava” steps. See #4 of “Icchā (Cravings) Lead to Upādāna and to Eventual Suffering
– These “namarupa” generated in mind (and released to vinnana dhatu) accumulate as kamma bija and come back to the mind at the cuti-patisandhi moment. That is when the manomaya kaya (hadaya vatthu, bhava dasaka, and pasada rupa) for the next existence are created by that accumulated kammic energy.
– This is discussed in the “Nāma & Rūpa to Nāmarūpa” subsection.

2. Understanding that with an Abhidhamma analysis is ONE WAY to eliminate sakkaya ditthi.
– One can also realize the principle without going through the Abhidhamma analysis, but by realizing that there is no “soul/atman” going through the rebirth process. One creates one’s future lives with one’s mindset: “Is There a “Self”?
– Our efforts to attain Nibbana may have started a long time ago in the rebirth process, and some may have made significant progress in the past. They just need a bit of help. Venerable Culapantha is a good example. He could not even remember a gatha (verse) after days of rehearsing. But with Buddha’s help, he attained Arahanthood and abhinna powers in a day!