Reply To: If I’m understanding this correctly


To add to the discussion: One can be in nirodha samapatti for only up to seven days because the physical body can not stay alive after that.
– On the other hand, one can live with Brahma viharana (Ananapanasati samadhi) for as long as one wishes.

We also need to realize that nirodha samapatti requires sitting in one place for the duration. One has to get into rupavacara jhanas in sequence, get into higher arupavacara samapatti, and finally enter nirodha samapatti. But that may probably take only a few seconds for a Buddha or an Arahant like Ven. Sariputta.
– Conversely, one can be engaged in regular activities (eating, exercise, meal preparation if needed, etc.) while in Aanapansati samadhi. But one lives in seclusion.